One, Two, Three

Publisher: Tundra Books
Created in deceptively simple paper cuts, this is a counting book with a difference: each image is not only an introduction to numerals but also to the shapes and colors of modern art. Small children, and those with an interest in modern art, will find much to enjoy in this gorgeous picture book.

Tom Slaughter’s vibrant prints are in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum. This, his first children’s book, was inspired by the paper cuts of Matisse, Dick Bruna, the art of his late brother-in-law – the renowned fabric artist, Tim Jocelyn – as well as the work of his wife, Marthe Jocelyn, creator of Hannah and the Seven Dresses and Hannah’s Collections.


“The paper cuts are bold, simple, and striking…. [A] unique addition to the counting-book genre and will be of interest to a wide audience.”
School Library Journal

“Eye-poppingly colourful, 1 2 3 at first glance seems to be simplicity itself… But look a little closer and it is possible to see not just an artful counting primer but one that has quite a bit to say about shapes as well as numbers. It gets more complex and even more interesting as you travel up the number chain… Clever? Very.”
The Globe and Mail

“Slaughter’s brightly colored paper cut illustrations are elegantly simple and yet subtly complex… Highly Recommended.”
CM Magazine

“…filled with big, bright, and bold pictures… a great book to have in a pre-school or…kindergarten class.”
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