The Complete Trailer Park Boys

How to Enjoy the Trailer Park Boys When the Cable is Out

Publisher: Random House Canada
The first of its kind – a heavily illustrated, all-you-need-to-know book about the cult hit TV show, for both rabid fans and anyone who enjoys a hot toasted chicken finger.

To the storied and pastoral locales of great Canadian fiction – Leacock’ s Mariposa, Lawrence’s Manawaka, Montgomery’s Avonlea – readers can now add the many splendours of Sunnyvale Trailer Park. With this lovingly designed volume, to grace even the finest toilet-side magazine basket, Ricky, Bubbles, Julian and the whole TPB crew stumble, bewildered and slightly aggravated, from the screen to the page – without spilling a drop of rum and Coke.

Working in concert with the show’s creators Matthew Sibiga and Don Wininger have developed a wide range of interpretive devices, helpful lists, historical mementoes, legal advice, wrestling, kitty-care and grooming tips, and more, to aid in any fan’s appreciation of the show – or substitute for it when the cable is out. Added to these features is a two-page synopsis of every episode, including stats, air dates and best lines. Numerous photos and sidebars scattered throughout include quotes, philosophical gleanings and tidbits from the series.

Just in time for new episodes on Netflix (or of yet-another-re-run) of one of the most popular television shows ever created in Canada, The Complete Trailer Park Boys truly will be a resource no fan can do without.

Some sample chapter topics:

-A list of Rickyisms
-Map of areas in the park where he has passed out
-A detailed pictorial of his car/home

-Bubbles’s shopping cart chop shop–behind the scenes
-Go-cart performance specs
-Bubbles eye chart

-Julian’s fashion tips (how to match black with black)
-Best money-making schemes
-T-shirt wearing and the art
of seduction
-Julian’ s bartending mix book

Other characters:
-J-Roc rap lyrics
-Ray’s tips on beating the government on disability
-Corey and Trevor’s gas siphoning tips



We have to be honest. We asked two Governors General -one past and one present-to write the introduction to The Complete Trailer Park Boys, thinking it would be an honour to introduce the most important cultural document produced this year in Canada. To our dismay, the first symbolic head of...
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