A Joanne Kilbourne Mystery

The Wandering Soul Murders

A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
Murder is the last thing on Joanne Kilbourn’s mind on a perfect morning in May. Then the phone rings, and she learns that her daughter Mieka has found the corpse of a young woman in an alley near her store. So begins Joanne’s chilling collision with evil in Gail Bowen’s riveting third mystery, The Wandering Soul Murders.

Joanne is stunned and saddened by the news that the dead woman, at seventeen, was already a veteran of the streets. When, just twenty-four hours later, her son’s girlfriend is found dead, drowned in a lake in Saskatchewan’s Qu’Appelle Valley, Joanne’s sunny world is shattered. Her excitement about Mieka’s upcoming marriage, her involvement in the biography she is writing, even her pleasure at her return to Regina all fade as she finds herself drawn into a twilight world where money can buy anything and there are always people willing to pay.

From the Paperback edition.


When my daughter, Mieka, found the woman’s body in the garbage can behind Old City Hall, she called the police and then she called me. I got there first. The sun was glinting off the glass face of the McCallum- Hill Building as I pulled into the alley behind Mieka’s catering shop. It was a little after eight o...
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“With her rare talent for plumbing emotional pain, Bowen makes you feel the shock of murder.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Bowen…pulls her complicated story together around a shocking and all-too-realistic secret.…Her best book to date.”
Globe and Mail

From the Paperback edition.