Waiting for Bebe

A Pregnancy Guide for Latinas

Publisher: One World
"Waiting for Bebe" will deal with the unique concerns, both physiological and cultural, that Hispanic women face during pregnancy. In addition to the increased risk of gestational diabetes, Latinas also must be aware of their increased risks for developing hypertension, gallbladder disease, tuberculosis, rubella, obesity, and depression, all of which, if left undiagnosed at the time of pregnancy, can have devastating effects on the unborn child. "Waiting for Bebe" not only will address these specific health concerns, but will also explore the rich cultural traditions and myths surrounding pregnancy in Hispanic culture.



Getting Ready for Bebe

Every time my mother peels an apple, a tomato or a peach, she buries the peels in her garden. Well-nourished soil, she says, yields healthy plants. And she must be right because there's always disputes among our neighbors and family to see who gets the leftover calabacitas or...
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