A Nose for Adventure

Publisher: Tundra Books
In this hilarious sequel to The Nose from Jupiter, Alan is to take his first airplane ride. He is off to New York, where his father will meet him for some “quality time” together. There are one or two snags, though. First, his father isn’t at the airport. Then there’s his cranky seatmate, Frieda, who is almost kidnapped while she’s waiting for her wheelchair at the baggage claim. Sally, an abandoned mutt, joins the scene. And finally, Norbert is back. He is an alien from Jupiter who had previously taken up residence in Alan’s nose when he was on a fact-finding mission to Earth. Alan had been, to say the least, an unwilling host to Norbert, but when you’re lost in New York City being chased by bad guys, you need all the help you can get!


Chapter 1: My Stomach, Lost and Lonely

The plane lurches sharply, leaving my stomach behind. I hate that feeling. I look out the window on my right, half expecting to see my stomach hurrying after me to catch up. I see clouds up close, wisps of gray, and then sky – nothing but sky for miles in all...
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“A hilarious, exciting roller coaster of evasions, captures, and escapes…Snappy dialogue, humor, and clever plotting provide a rollicking adventure, with a subtext reminding readers to be sensitive to the feelings, concerns, and abilities of others.”

“The pacing is lively and the dialogue is brisk and humorous…”
School Library Journal

“Like its predecessor [The Nose from Jupiter], this wonderful story is filled with memorable characters, irreverent wit, exciting plot twists, and some touching moments as well…Any teen reader with a taste for the absurd will love the latest adventures of Alan Dingwall and his alter ego, Norbert.”

“Scrimger’s dialogue is laugh-out-loud funny and the action is fast-paced and slick.”
City Parent

“A Nose for Adventure will again delight Scrimger fans with both its outrageous sense of humour and his ability to use humour to look beneath the surface of the lives of his characters.”
Children’s Book News

“Never a dull moment!”
Vancouver Sun, 12 Top Book Picks for Kids of All Ages