Brain Fuel

199 Mind-Expanding Inquiries into the Science of Everyday Life

Publisher: Anchor Canada
National Bestseller

From the #1 bestselling author – a cornucopia of mind-expanding insights into the science of the real world.

Dr. Joe – as he is affectionately known to millions of readers, listeners, viewers, and students – brings his magic formula to Doubleday Canada with Brain Fuel.

As with Dr. Joe’s previous best-selling books, Brain Fuel informs and entertains on a wild assortment of science-based topics. But this is not "science trivia." If you are looking for serious scientific discussions, you’ll find them here. If you are looking for practical consumer information, that’s here too. If you are searching for ways to stimulate interest in science, look no further, Mom. And if you are simply wondering why the birth of Prince Leopold was so different from Queen Victoria's previous seven; or why an iron rod that went through a man's head is now on display in a museum in Boston; or why white chocolate has such a short shelf life; or why eggs terrified Alfred Hitchcock – and what all of this means for the rest of us, and why – then bingo.



We humans are a hungry lot. Like all other animals, we of course hunger for food. Unlike our fellow creatures, though, we hunger for something else as well. We hunger for knowledge. Some of this is for practical reasons. We want to know what to eat, what medications to take, what toxic substances...
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“Falling in love, we all know, is a matter of the right chemistry. Schwarcz gets his chemistry right, and hooks his readers.”
— John C. Polanyi, Nobel Laureate

“Informative [and] fascinating.”
The Globe and Mail

"Packed with scientific answers to questions you didn't even know you had."
— Chatelaine