Benny Bensky and the Perogy Palace

Publisher: Tundra Books
Benny Bensky used to be a happy dog living with his humans, Rosie and her parents. But things are not happy in the Bensky house. Rosie’s mom and dad operate the most popular restaurant in town, the Perogy Palace. At least, it used to be popular. Now customers are staying away in droves.

What’s worse, Benny’s humans are fed up with his bad habits and are sending him to obedience school! Benny is terrified of the persnickety instructor and fails the class miserably. But while he’s there, Benny sniffs out the problem with the Perogy Palace. What’s a dog with a big imagination to do?


“[Linda] Hendry’s black-and-white wash illustrations are humorous and charming. A good choice for reading aloud.”
School Library Journal

“A shaggy tale…involving obedience school and a villain anyone would love to hate.”
The Globe and Mail

“Young readers will delight in Benny’s antics and eagerly be absorbed by the mystery of the Perogy Palace.”
Books in Canada

“[Borsky] creates her characters deftly, bringing them alive through their thoughts and actions. Youngsters will particularly like getting inside Benny’s head, seeing things from a dog’s eye view.”
The Hamilton Spectator

“Similar to One Hundred and One Dalmatians, this doggy mystery is high in comic moments…”
St. Catharines Standard