Wild About Horses

Our Timeless Passion for the Horse

Publisher: Vintage Canada
National Bestseller  ¸  Globe and Mail Bestseller

More than any other creature, the beautiful and spirited horse has shaped the course of human history. To gallop on horseback even once is to understand instantly why humans have been connecting with horses for more than 6,000 years. Thoughtful, lyrical, exhaustively researched and generously illustrated, Wild About Horses illuminates and chronicles the ancient, powerful and mystical bond between horses and humans.


"You will love this book ." - Monty Roberts

"A work of great craftsmanship laid against a template of unconditional love.... When Scanlan talks about...horses...he soars ."  - Michael Enright, The Globe and Mail

"Scanlan writes eloquently and weaves together historical information, modern iconography    and mythological lore in this exploration of the profound human love of horses."  - The New York Times Book Review

"Brings you to rising cheers over equine heroics and moves you to tears at their calamitous deaths.  A book worthy of a spot in horse     literature's finest paddock."  - The Calgary Herald

"A very special and insightful book."                  - Ian Millar, two-time World Cup Champion