Memories Of A Dayak Girlhood

Publisher: Vintage Canada
Never before has the Dayak culture been described from the inside, by an indigenous woman born and raised in the rainforest listening to the stories and legends of her tribe, who are famous as the "head- hunters of Borneo." In this vivid memoir - that speaks to readers everywhere about the powerful effects of change - Riska tells us what it means to move in one's lifetime from a rainforest culture to the modern world.


"You'll never forget Riska." --Now

"[A] lovely memoir--a rare and valuable record [and] a thoroughly original account of growing up in the rain forests of Borneo.-- Fresh, direct writing and sparkling, meandering connections between thoughts, snatches of conversation and memory." -The Globe and Mail

"A captivating story--and a stunning and insightful testament to her life and the life of her people." -Winnipeg Free Press

"Riska ought to be essential reading--A totally enchanting and beguiling autobiography [that] provides valuable insights into the past, present and future of Borneo's first inhabitants. " -Woman Newsmagazine