The Princes of Ireland

Publisher: Anchor Canada
Edward Rutherfurd’s latest bestselling saga begins in pre-Christian Ireland with a clever refashioning of the legend of Cuchulainn and culminates in the disastrous Irish invasion of England during the reign
of Henry VIII.

Through the interlocking stories of a wonderfully imagined cast of characters — monks and noblemen, soldiers and rebels, craftswomen and writers — Rutherfurd vividly conveys the personal passions and shared dreams that shaped the character of the country. He takes readers inside all the major events in Irish history: the reign of the fierce and mighty kings of Tara; the mission of Saint Patrick; the Viking invasion and the founding of Dublin; the trickery of Henry II, which gave England its foothold on the island in 1167, and which set the stage for the deadly conflicts between the kings of England and the princes of Ireland that close this first volume of Edward Rutherfurd’s most recent spellbinding tale.

Tens of millions of North Americans claim Irish descent. Generations of people have been enchanted by Irish literature, and visitors flock to Dublin and its environs year after year. The Princes of Ireland will appeal to all of them — and to anyone who relishes epic entertainment spun by a master.




AD 430


Lughnasa. High summer. It would be harvest season soon. Deirdre stood by the rail and surveyed the scene. It should have been a cheerful day, but it brought only anguish to her. For the father she loved and the one-eyed man were going to sell...
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" A sweeping, carefully reconstructed portrait of a nation... leaps through the centuries."
The New York Times

Praise for Edward Rutherfurd:

“Not all good things come in small packages. If you like books that are big, Edward Rutherfurd is your man. He writes wonderful sagas, tales that cover centuries, always keeping these long stories lively by telling us about the events and conflicts of people’s lives. Rutherfurd does the painstaking research; the reader has all the fun.”
The Seattle Times

"Rutherfurd is the current master of Michener-esque retelling of history, deftly bringing readers right into its flashpoints and showing them the consequences of those events."
–Vancouver Sun

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