Road Swing

One Fan's Journey Into The Soul Of America's Sports

Publisher: Main Street Books
In this alternately hilarious and insightful account, named a Best Book of 1998 by Publishers Weekly, >b>Sports Illustrated writer Steve Rushin uses the lens of sports to come to a deeper understanding of America.

On the eve of his thirtieth birthday, Steve Rushin decided to revisit the twin pursuits of his youth: epic car trips and an unhealthy obsession with sports. So he jumped into his fully alarmed Japanese S.U.V. and drove to American sports shrines for a year, everywhere from Larry Bird's boyhood home in French Lick, Indiana, to the cornfield just outside of Dyersville, Iowa, where Field of Dreams was filmed. Now in paperback, Road Swing is the story of his journey.


"Working press'?'' a Pittsburgh Pirate once said to me with a sneer.

""That's sorta like "jumbo shrimp.'''

""My favorite oxymoron is "guest host,''' I replied chummily.

""You know, like they used to have on The Tonight Show?'' But he didn't know. And...
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"There are places that many sports fans have heard about. But to visit them with Rushin riding shotgun, pointing out the odd detail with a nudge of the elbow, is a real delight." --USA Today

"A home run." --Maxim

"Insightful and hilarious...postcard perfect." --The San Diego Union-Tribune

"A riotous read...Sports fans should be grateful for a guy like Steve Rushin--not only does he make a hell of a tour guide, but he also does all the driving." --Esquire

"Both hilarious and resonant, a road trip memorable as much for its unlikely detours and pit stops as for what it reveals about America's obsession with sports." --