The Enchantress of Florence

Publisher: Vintage Canada
The Enchantress of Florence is the story of a mysterious woman, a great beauty believed to possess the powers of enchantment and sorcery, attempting to command her own destiny in a man’s world.

It is the story of two cities at the height of their powers–the hedonistic Mughal capital, in which the brilliant emperor Akbar the Great wrestles daily with questions of belief, desire, and the treachery of his sons, and the equally sensual city of Florence during the High Renaissance, where Niccolò Machiavelli takes a starring role as he learns, the hard way, about the true brutality of power. Profoundly moving and completely absorbing, The Enchantress of Florence is a dazzling book full of wonders.


In the day’s last light the glowing lake

In the day’s last light the glowing lake below the palace-city looked like a sea of molten gold. A traveller coming this way at sunset — this traveller, coming this way, now, along the lakeshore road — might believe himself to be...
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Finalist for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award
Finalist for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize Best Book Award

Enchantress is consumed with notions of storytelling.... The book itself is constructed as a series of stories within stories, narratives nesting like Russian dolls.... If this were the creation of any other writer, it could be read as a mere story; in Rushdie's case, in today's world where the dialogue is often dominated by extremists, it is a plea for tolerance.” The Globe and Mail

"The novel reads like an ironic, classically flavoured and knowingly naughty fairy tale for grownups. There is sex and violence galore in these pages, but also busy traffic in ideas and philosophical musings.”  Toronto Star

“From the very beginning of his new novel The Enchantress of Florence, Salman Rushdie plunges us into a world of marvels.... This isn’t primarily a political novel but a work of imagination about the imagination.” The New York Times