The Legend

Publisher: Bantam
From the bestselling author of The Treasure comes another intriguing tale -- the story of a man who takes possession of a haunted castle ... only to find himself bewitched by the earthly charms of the lady of the house.

A lady of virtue...

To escape another loveless marriage, Honor Jennings -- a young, captivating, and much too headstrong woman -- enters the Order of Vowesses. As widows, the vowesses promise to remain celibate and modest for the rest of their lives. That's just fine with Honor -- until she discovers that Galen de Marlowe has moved into the ruins of Durance Guarde castle. Her castle. The infamous legend of a wailing woman haunting its walls had always kept strangers away -- and now Honor intends to make certain Galen believes the legend with all his heart....

A lord of desire...

Galen de Marlowe sought out the isolated castle as a place to ponder the visions that are both his gift and his curse. His clairvoyance had once helped the king. But his new premonitions of a royal murder need careful thought before he acts. And now an interfering yet utterly beguiling woman is complicating his life. No ghostly disguise can hide the fact that Honor is flesh and blood, sweet to touch, irresistible to kiss. And when she stumbles upon Galen's secret talents, he knows only one way to ensure her silence: to make her his wife by a desire and a deception far greater than Honor can imagine....


1476 A.D.

Galen de Marlowe woke with a cry, sat up in bed, and stared sightlessly into the darkness. Panting, he felt drops of sweat run into his eyes as he tried to master his breathing. He swallowed hard and began to inhale deeply. The linen sheets stuck to his bare skin, and he tossed them aside...
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