Heart of the Falcon

Publisher: Bantam
Only one woman could win the...Heart of the Falcon.

All her life, raven-haired Anqet had basked in the tranquility of Nefer...until the day her father died and her uncle descended upon the estate, hungry for her land, hungry for her. Desperate to escape his cruel obsession, she fled. But now, masquerading as a commoner in the magnificent city of Thebes, Anqet faces
a new danger. Mysterious and seductive, Count Seth seems to be a soldier loyal to the pharaoh. Yet soon Anqet will find that he's drawn her into a web of treachery and desire, where one false move could end her life... and his fiery passion could brand her soul forever.

Set against the glorious opulence of the pharaoh's court, this is a breathtaking tale, rich with pageantry and aflame with unforgettable romance.

From the Paperback edition.


Anqet waited for the procession to pass. She had asked for directions to the Street of the Scarab. If she was correct, this alley would lead directly to her goal. She followed the dusty, shaded path between windowless buildings, anxious to reach the house of Lady Gasantra before dark. She hadn't eaten since leaving her...
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By the author of The Engagement

"An author with star quality...Spectacularly talented."
--Romantic Times

From the Paperback edition.