Sister Spy

Publisher: Bantam Books for Young Readers
Alpha Kappa Chi sorority sister Jen Williams has recently died of “natural causes.” Turns out that Jen was also a rookie agent for SD-6. AKX is spending spring break in Waikiki, and Jen was supposed to undertake an important mission for SD-6 there. But now Jen is dead, and it’s up to Sydney to infiltrate the sorority and carry out Jen’s Hawaiian mission . . . and find out what really happened to her sister spy.

From the Paperback edition.



“You want me to what?” Sydney Bristow asked incredulously. She shook her head, laughing with disbelief. “Good one, Wilson!”

Reginald Wilson, her SD-6 recruiter, leaned forward in his leather chair, bracing his hands on the long polished table at the center of the op-tech...
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