Cool Zone with the Pain and the Great One

Publisher: Yearling
The perfect chapter book!

The Pain and the Great One hardly agree on anything. But deep down, they know they can count on each other, especially at school, where it often takes two to figure things out. Like when that first baby tooth falls out on the school bus. Or when an unwanted visitor on Bring Your Pet to School Day needs to be caught. Or worst of all, when a scary bully says you’re burnt toast. On days like these it can feel good not to go it alone. (And don’t forget Fluzzy the cat, who knows a thing or two himself.)

A Parents’ Choice Recommended Award Winner


The Pain has a loose tooth. He wiggles it all day long. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. You’d think it was the first loose tooth in the history of the world.

Today at the school bus stop he opened his mouth. “Look at this!” he called proudly. The tooth was hanging by a thread. I could have reminded him...
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Review, The New York Times Book Review, May 11, 2008:
"Blume certainly knows her way around this age group . . . [and] James Stevenson's pen and wash drawings also provide balance, along with warmth and personality."

From the Hardcover edition.