Wonderful Town

New York Stories from The New Yorker

Publisher: Modern Library
New York City is not only The New Yorker's place of origin and its sensibility's lifeblood; it is the heart of American literary culture. Wonderful Town collects superb short fiction by many of the magazine's and this country's most accomplished writers. Like all good fiction, these stories take particular places, particular people, and particular events and turn them into dramas of universal enlightenment and emotional impact. Here New York is every great place and every ordinary place. Each life in it, and each life in Wonderful Town, is the life of us all.


From the moment Harold Ross published the first issue of The New Yorker, seventy-five years ago (cover price: fifteen cents), the magazine has been a thing of its place, a magazine of the city. And yet the first issue is a curiosity, a thin slice of the city's life, considering all that came after. Dated February 21, 1925...
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"Wonderfully rich and textured."
--The Philadelphia Inquirer

"An anthology that makes] you remember why the magazine has long had a reputation for literary excellence."
--Chicago Tribune

"Smart, well-written, and emotionally resonant, while possessing a high entertainment value."
--The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)