The Side Effect

Publisher: Dell
It’s the night the President has resigned. In a Manhattan town house, the head of Lenox Pharmaceuticals, the world’s most powerful drug company, lies dead. Through the morning darkness, security chief Mike Acela drives his BMW to the scene. Mike’s job has been to defend the Chairman against all enemies. But this street-smart, battle-hardened former FBI agent is about to find out how little he knows about his mentor, his job, or the dangers swirling all around him.

Somewhere within Lenox’s global web of government contracts and cutting-edge medications, the Chairman kept a terrible secret. A secret that has already started changing the world. To find out how the Chairman really died, Mike must uncover the truth behind Project HR-109. But what the Lenox scientists discovered is worth killing for. And the killing has just begun.



The Chairman died the way he had lived: alone. Sometime between two and four A.M. on a muggy Wednesday in late July, while the rest of the New York City sweltered through the worst heat wave in history, 66-year-old James L. Dwyer walked into the bathroom of his East 58th Street townhouse, ingested a mix of...
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