A Still Small Voice

Publisher: Delta
A spellbinding novel of love and war from "a young writer of great promise."
-- Paul Auster

Written with a storyteller's grace and a poet's touch, John Reed's powerful first novel is a true adventure of the heart -- at once a passionate love story and a sweeping historical saga set against a vivid backdrop of the Civil War....

The year is 1859 as seven-year-old Alma Flynt arrives in the Kentucky town of Cotterpin Creek to begin a new life. There, Alma will have as friends, neighbors, and benefactors the magnificent Cleveland family.

With their sprawling mansion and gleaming thoroughbred horses, the Clevelands are a wonder. But from the beginning, one Cleveland draws all of Alma's attention: the youngest son, John Warren.

Alma knew they were meant for each other from their first meeting. But everything changes as war descends on Cotterpin Creek, taking John Warren to battle and sweeping his family into the chaos.

Against this turbulent backdrop, Alma will come of age. And when the fighting is over, the story of a brave young man riding off to battle becomes a haunting journey of vengeance and redemption. And for Alma, yet another journey begins on the day a tormented young soldier staggers back into her life.


Spring '52

I was born with very red hair.

But it was not red like a strawberry or cherry. It was red like the red of a sun ripened peach.

I was delivered by my aunt at 7 a.m. on April 11, 1852. I can't say for certain if I really do remember that day or if I just have an active imagination....
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"Reed sets vivid details of the Civil War against the passions of a girl saying goodbye to her battle-bound childhood love and then waiting -- perhaps in vain -- for that love to come home."
-- Glamour

"Gorgeous writing and a powerful sense of history ... Reed is a heartthrob of a writer, and A Still Small Voice shines with his passion."
--Molly Peacock, author of Paradise, Piece by Piece