From Protest to Power

Personal Reflections on a Life in Politics

BY Bob Rae
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
In January of 1996, when Bob Rae declared he was stepping down as the leader of the Ontario New Democratic Party, the media was full of praise for the former premier of Ontario. In From Protest to Power, Rae provides a surprising, frank look back at his time in politics. Shedding light on his rise to power from radical student politics to becoming the leader of the first NDP government to hold power in Ontario. He takes a look at his incredible life from Rhodes Scholar at Oxford and studying with philosopher Isaiah Berlin to his life as a family man.

In the fall of 2006, with Bob Rae running for the federal leadership of the Liberal Party, it is time for us to examine his remarkable life once more. A life that has been motivated by the belief that politics and public service matter.

As he says in the new introduction, “I am running because I care deeply about my country. I want it to stay strong. I want it to stay together. And I want to play whatever part I can to help make those things happen.”

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Introduction to the 2006 edition

I wrote this book soon after my resignation as leader of the Ontario New Democratic Party in 1996. It was a “first draft of history,” with the strengths and weaknesses that come from immediacy. Some complained that it was not partisan or progressive enough, some...
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“Splendidly written, moving, funny, personal, and eloquent.”
—J.L. Granatstein