Canada in the Balance

BY Bob Rae
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
This is a book about the ideas and policies that will dominate Canada’s future.

In a world that is getting smaller and more competitive, Canada needs a new set of public policies that will put learning, education, and investment in new technologies at the centre. The vulnerability of the planet itself to pollution and global warming, continuing violence, ethnic conflict, and threats to world peace also put Canada’s place in the world at the centre of a new agenda.

Bob Rae’s book is a candid assessment of where we are and where we need to be.

It draws on his deep experience in Canadian public policy at home and abroad, and points to how Canada, and Canadians, can make a difference. From health care to taxes, from poverty to wealth creation, this is a creative and provocative blueprint for change.



I write these words in the early morning at my family cottage in eastern Ontario. It is a cool, grey spring day, with only the waking birds breaking the silence. I am fifty-seven and in good health. Why run again for public office? Why as a Liberal?

From a selfish standpoint I can see a...
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