The Yom Kippur War

The Epic Encounter That Transformed the Middle East

Publisher: Schocken
A galvanizing account of the 1973 Yom Kippur War by a journalist who covered it for The Jerusalem Post.
The most dramatic of the Arab-Israeli conflicts, the surprise two-front war triggered apocalyptic visions in Israel, hopes and fears in the Arab world, and heated internal conflicts on both sides. Using extensive interviews and personal stories, as well as recently declassified materials, Abraham Rabinovich begins his masterful narrative as Israel is convincing itself there will be no war, while the Arabs are in fact plotting it. The account continues through the explosive start of hostilities and follows the harrowing conflict to its climactic end.



Footprints in the Sand

Capt. Motti Ashkenazi was not a man to accept a perceived wrong without protest. The outpost in Sinai his unit of reservists took over two weeks before Yom Kippur was in an advanced state of neglect. Barbed-wire fencing had sunken almost entirely into the sand, trenches were...
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"The best general history of the Yom Kippur War. . . . Outstanding." --Ha'aretz

"Compelling and intelligent. A seamless, riveting narrative. . . . Never before has the Israeli experience in the Yom Kippur War been so sensitively and intricately documented." --The Washington Post

"Rabinovich's extra efforts to get inside the minds of Arab generals are especially welcome. . . . sheds light on a conflict that altered the psychology and diplomacy of the Middle East down to the present day." --The New York Times Book Review 

"Superbly written. . . . The Yom Kippur War is easily the best and most complete general history of the conflict." --Parameters 

"Truly striking. Rabinovich's book is brilliant, sweeping and insightful." --Naval History

"As no one before, Abraham Rebinovich recounts the whole story of the 1973 Yom Kipur War, that most elusive round of the Arab-Israeli conflict." --Middle East Quarterly

"Superb. I have found few works of military history so difficult to put down." --Jerusalem Report

"Rabinovich displays his keen comprehension of military tactics and strategies with detailed, fast-paced accounts. His eye for political and diplomatic maneuverings is equally sharp." --History Book Club

"Impossible to put down." --Gershom Gorenberg, author of Days of Awe

"Its revalations are astonishing. Its prose is gripping. Its conclusions, richly documented and austerely objective, are intensely trelevant to the Middle Eastern crisis of our own day." --Professor Howard M. Sachar, author of A History of Israel

"Abraham Rabinovich has written an exceptionally exciting book." --Professor Edward N. Luttwak