The Good Man of Nanking

The Diaries of John Rabe

Publisher: Vintage
The Good Man of Nanking is a crucial document for understanding one of World War II's most horrific incidents of genocide, one which the Japanese have steadfastly refused to acknowledge.  It is also the moving and awe-inspiring record of one man's conscience, courage, and generosity in the face of appalling human brutality.

Until the recent emergence of John Rabe's diaries, few people knew abouth the unassuming hero who has been called the Oskar Schindler of China.  In Novemgber 1937, as Japanese troops overran the Chinese capital of Nanking and began a campaign of torture, rape, and murder against its citizens, one man-a German who had lived in China for thirty years and who was a loyal follower of Adolph Hitler-put himself at risk and in order to save the lives of 200,000 poor Chinese, 600 of whom he sheltered in his own home.


"Riveting, inspiring, terrifying and tragically sad."  -The New York Times Book Review

"John Rabe is the Oskar Schindler of China."  -Iris Chang, The New York Times

"A document of the power of the human will....A quarter-million Chinese survived the horror of Nanking because John Rabe didn't hesitate to act."  -The Boston Globe