Christ Is Alive!

Publisher: Galilee Trade
Michel Quoist's method, he says, is to live and to observe how others live, and then to reflect on what is seen and learned. "I wish to write nothing but what has been lived."

Today's Christian cannot live as the Christian lived yesterday. He must find a new form of life. His spirituality cannot be that which was formed for monks, but must come out of his living in the world, where he encounters God in his everyday life. Father Quoist makes frequent reference to the laity as important in the development of this new life.


In the final analysis, man today, even less than yesterday, can truly be man only if he is aware of humanity. Men, wherever they may be, can no longer ignore other men. Everywhere, regardless of social class, nation and race, men are growing; everywhere they are reaching up to, and demanding, total development. Nothing...
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