Home Game

Publisher: Vintage Canada
Nathanael "Crybaby" Isbister was once the greatest baseball player in the world, but now he's a down-on-his-luck drifter on the road to oblivion.  That is until he wanders into a circus sideshow troupe stranded in a tiny Michigan town dominated by a hellfire-and brimstone religious sect.  The sect vows to drive the troupe out, but give them one unlikely chance to remain--the baseball game to end all baseball games.

A funny, moving novel, Home Game walks the straight but delicate line between absurdity and compassion with dazzling style and expertise.


"The book enchants, as if the Brothers Grimm and the Brothers Marx had conspired to perform pratfalls while Freud was looking on, shaking his head." --The Toronto Star

"Quarrington is an excellent writer with a great sense of humour.  With considerable deftness he creates that willing suspension of disbelief that enables us to absorb ourselves in the antics of a rather unbelievable baseball game." --Books in Canada