And Its Part in My Downfall

Publisher: Vintage Canada
Received with almost unanimous accolades from critics and readers alike, Civilization is the amazing tale of Thom Moss, a young man who sets out in the early twentieth century in search of a grand adventure.  He soon finds himself in the thick of Hollywoodland, employed as an actor by the renowned Caspar Willison, master of the two-reel cowboy flicker.  However, Thom's fortune quickly takes a ruinous turn and he lands in the Penitentiary, where he writes the story of his downfall.  At once hilarious and courageous, Civilization is a daring work by one of Canada's finest novelists.


"A fast and funny piece of picaresque, a refined rollick through the earliest days of movies...A wonderfully looping narrative in period dress, with a plot that fairly spins with ribald, comic energy...Hilarious." --The Financial Post

"Verbal ripeness, a wildly eccentric cast of characters, comic scenes of rare nuttiness, rutting galore, and a quest, which like all good quests ends back where it began in a rather astonishing way...Mythically proportioned." --The Globe and Mail

"Crammed with incidents that occur at breath-taking speed...Consistently pleasing." --The Toronto Star