The Pieces from Berlin

Publisher: Vintage
In the great disorder of wartime Berlin, Lucia Muller-Rossi was an unofficial star: mistress to an Ambassador, the whole world to her young son, and guardian of all the lovely things her Jewish friends were forced to leave behind as they took the trains tothe death camps. Sixty years later, one of those fine pieces sits for sale in the window of Lucia's antiques shop-- and its true owner happens to pass by. In that moment, a whole lifetime of silence cracks open and Lucia's family face the wrenching duty of examining a past almost too horrifying to remember.


Chapter One

He went rolling down into the city, his coat like a cone of green felt all around him, like some round wooden toy: so good and kind and clever, so big and so kind, so that everyone knew he must be a truly happy man. Helen watched her father striding past the dark shine of wet shrubbery and the high...
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"Seductive. . . A fine, subtle, sorrowful novel about the wounds of time and the urge to set things right."--San Jose Mercury News

"A masterly storyteller, Pye lyrically captures his characters' struggle to answer the questions that thread through each of our lives: how do we discern our moral obligations to the people who are our family? And to what lengths, ultimately, will we go to protect them?"--Vogue

"Pye isn't merely an ethicist, he's also a great storyteller. Like a good suspense story, The Pieces from Berlin keeps its mysteries shrouded,letting readers glimpse the truth here andthere, but not revealing the whole until the end. And Pye brings alive World War II-era Berlin -- the palpable fear in the streets, the shortages and rationing, even the horrifying beauty of a nighttime bombing raid.”--The San Francisco Chronicle

"A page-turner.... Pye twists the reader's sympathies until a wholly surprising denouement in which the pieces, as in a completed jigsaw puzzle, fall neatly into place. A tough, mature, difficult, but brilliantly paced novel.” —The New York Times Book Review