Why Father Care is as Essential as Mother Care for Your Child

Publisher: Harmony
Fathers have always parented differently than mothers. In Fatherneed, Dr. Kyle D. Pruett shows mothers and fathers why that difference is so important to a child's physical, cognitive, and emotional development.

Drawing on more than two decades of highly acclaimed research at the Yale Child Study Center, and backed up by true stories from actual families, Fatherneed is the essential how-to guide for women and men who wish to promote engaged fathering. This book will help enable fathers to give their children the skills they need to develop into happy and healthy adults. Step by step, Dr. Pruett specifically addresses what a father can do to prepare his marriage, his house, and his emotions for his child's needs, from infancy through the toddler years, childhood, adolescence, and young and mature adulthood.

With advice to fathers ranging from how to speak to toddlers so that they listen, to how to avoid the common tendency to reinforce gender stereotypes in young children, to how to maintain a connection with an increasingly autonomous teenager, Fatherneed is the perfect resource for all dads-including divorced fathers, fathers of adopted children, stepfathers, and fathers of special-needs children-as well as moms who want kids who are meaningfully connected to their fathers. With wit, authority, and compassion, Dr. Pruett shows how to be sure that your child gets what only a father can provide.


"Thoughtful, inspiring, and eminently practical, this one belongs at the top of the 'must have' list for every father... Pruett writes with an easy grace and warmly relaxed style."
--Publishers Weekly

"A warm and glowing message for parents about how fathers and children need each other from the child?s infancy well into adulthood. Should be required reading for mothers and fathers alike."
--Judith Wallerstein, Ph.D., author of The Good Marriage

"If you aren't already convinced, you will be after reading this book- Dads are really important, too!"
--San Diego Family