Real Boys Workbook

The Definitive Guide to Understanding and Interacting with Boys of All Ages

Publisher: Villard
The Real Boys' Workbook is a unique, instructive workbook, full of advice, exercises, and stories to help parents, professionals, and boys themselves understand boys—and how to make life with them better. How to listen to boys, talk and be with them, exercises to teach you new ways to handle situations, and strategies for coping with problems (drug and alcohol abuse, gender identity, depression, bullies) are addressed, as readers are encouraged to respond to questions and situations, to learn how to think about boys with new understanding, and to react more creatively. Through writing down responses in the workbook, using the charts and summaries, and taking part in the provocative question-and-answer sections, you will gain insight into boys and their problems and be better able to be with them in effective and powerful ways.


Chapter 1
Some Dos and Don'ts with Boys

Shaming and How to Avoid It * Talking and Listening to Boys * How to Tell When Something's Wrong

* Life with Boys: Adult Survival Strategies

"I treated my two kids exactly the same," said Marianne. "But by the time my little boy was...
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I wish I had read Real Boys when my son was a boy."
—Mary Pipher, Ph.D., author of Reviving Ophelia