Rosamunde Pilcher Collection

White Birds, Shell Seekers, and Coming Home

Publisher: Random House Audio

The sweeping tale of three generations of an English family with roots in London and the wilds of Cornwall, and of a cherished painting that has passed from generation to generation and now threatens to tear the family apart.


Seagulls, wild geese, and fantail pigeons had always held a special meaning for Eve Douglas. But now, as her daughter's life hangs in the balance, what fate is foretold by a flight of white swans? Young Oliver discovers the dark secret of the man who lives in "The House on the Hill," when his sister goes into early labor on the day of a wild storm. Eight-year-old Laura plumbs the mysteries of racial prejudice when her handsome neighbor returns form India with "Amita," his exquisite bride. A lonely young widow's life is about to be changed when her children arrange a "Tea with the Professor," and the birth of a neighbor's baby transforms more than the holiday season for "Miss Cameron at Christmas."

With warmth, humor and a deep sensitivity to human frailties, joys and fears, these five memorable stories celebrate the cycle of life—profound rites of passage that have the power to touch us all in the most extraordinary, unexpected ways, and change our lives forever.

Like Shell Seekers, COMING HOME is an intensely personal story. Like September, it teems with marvelous characters. COMING HOME is a story to be savored, an old-fashioned tale hardly anyone knows how to tell anymore. In telling the story of Judith Dunbar and her loved ones, Roseamunde Pilcher describes each family member with warmth, wisdom, and clear-eyed insight. COMING HOME is a totally involving story of a young woman's coming of age, coming to terms with both love and sadness, and, in every sense of the words, COMING HOME.