Welcome to the 21st Century

More Absurdities From Our Time

Publisher: Doubleday Canada
The monarchy, the movies, and everything in between is lampooned in this humorous retrospective of twentieth-century follies, foibles and fads from Canada's preeminent popular historian. Berton even ventures a look into the future, when in 2021, Chicago and New York launch the first 22-lane highways: they are designed for a speed limit of 100 mph, but traffic is so congested the limit has to be readjusted — to 15 mph.

Following the success of A Farewell to the Twentieth Century, this new volume reflects Pierre Berton's knack for knowing just what will tickle the funny bones of his diehard fans.


I Dreamed I Was Superman In My Maidenform Undershirt

I had a curious dream the other night, which recurs from time to time. I dreamed that I was a reporter on the Toronto Daily Planet and my name was Clark Kent. Well, that wasn't really my name; actually, my name was Superman. I came from the planet...
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