The Joy of Writing

A Guide for Writers Disguised as a Literary Memoir

Publisher: Anchor Canada
Drawing on his fifty years as an award-winning journalist and author of some of the finest books on Canadian history, Pierre Berton has written a witty and practical guide for writers. With almost every book a bestseller, clearly this writer knows what it takes to succeed in the publishing world. From the all-important rule of “knowing your audience” and other essential writing tips to down-to-earth advice on dealing with agents, publishers, and editors, The Joy of Writing covers every aspect of non-fiction writing and includes interviews with twenty-seven of Canada’s leading writers. Illustrated with more than thirty manuscript pages from Pierre Berton’s own works.

Includes Interviews With: Alex Barris • Ted Barris • Jack Batten • Fred Bodsworth • June Callwood • Stevie Cameron • Robert Collins • Elaine Dewar • Will Ferguson • Trent Frayne • Bob Fulford • Charlotte Gray • Richard Gwyn • Stephen Kimber • Ken McGoogan • Roy McGregor • Linda McQuaig • Farley Mowat • Knowlton Nash • Peter Newman • Stephanie Nolen • John Sawatsky • Russell Smith • Edna Staebler • Walter Stewart • Betty Jane Wylie • Jan Wong

From the Hardcover edition.


Letters to the Author

“I think I’m at wits end . . .”

Dear Mr. B.: Enclosed please find a poem of mine. I am sending it to you in blatant attempt to use your influences, experience, or direction, whatever, to get it the recognition it deserves . . ....
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“By turns curious, amusing, insightful, honest . . . sensible . . . useful . . . endearing . . . exuberant . . . and fun to read.” -- John Fraser, National Post

“Nobody writes popular history the way Pierre Berton does. He is the undisputed Canadian king of the genre.” -- The Calgary Herald

“Canada’s most accomplished popular historian.” -- The Gazette (Montreal)

“Berton is . . . a master storyteller. He has a newsman’s eye for a yarn and a character, knowing that it’s people who make his work memorable.” -- The Edmonton Journal