The Dream World

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
In her elegant new collection, Alison Pick, a brilliant poet of sensuous moods, atmospheres, and dreams, explores the mystery concealed within the world we know and recognize. Always evocative, always alluring, her poems are not interested in mere events, but in the fabric inside the emotions that events can provoke. She writes of love, of leaving, of wandering, and of home — not necessarily in that order. With captivating language and shining imagery, her poems travel out through layers of landscape — residential, geographic, emotional, cerebral — creating a guidebook to the hidden, a sparkling tour through the lush and varied backcountry of human experience.

From the Trade Paperback edition.


Not Talking

When you leave I go to the wood
that wears its being like a loose down
vest. Windfall, deadfall, I duck under
words, the quiet forest assembling itself
around the thought of thought. Lie in the snow,
my face turned up. Somewhere close,
the river’s mouth is choked with last...
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“Pick’s wonderfully personal, lyrical language takes the reader to the spiritual heart of things. Meditative and often elegiac, this is language that sings and is always in the right key.”
- Jury citation, E.J. Pratt Poetry Award

“Pick’s voice remains clearly her own, consistently so, and remarkable throughout for its calmness and stillness . . . this is a voice to be reckoned with.”
- The Fiddlehead

From the Trade Paperback edition.