For the Love of History

Winners of the Pierre Berton Award Bring to Life Canada's Past

Publisher: Anchor Canada
Featuring some of Canada’s best known and most admired historians, this collection will appeal to Pierre Berton fans and history lovers everywhere.

For the Love of History features the contributions of outstanding writers who have won recognition for the creative and colourful ways in which they have popularized Canadian history. Including a foreword by Pierre Berton, this book chronicles a diverse and lively range of historical episodes, from an account of early fur-traders and the story of the intriguing life of Isabel Mackenzie King to a dramatic look at the FLQ Crisis. Drawing on the contributors’ skills as acclaimed and inventive storytellers, this book pays lasting tribute to the unrivalled legacy of Pierre Berton.


“The non-fiction writer can and should use some of the novelist’s techniques–scene setting, character development, narrative drive –but at the same time he is hampered by one dictum: he cannot make anything up. Yet that is where the fun and excitement lie–in digging out the facts, as a...
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