Move Over, Girl

A Novel

Publisher: One World
Tony Norris is a twenty-year-old college junior, a good-looking young man with a strong rap who puts as much time into studying women as he does into his courses. Freshman year, Tony was on top of his game-star athlete, steady girlfriend, living in the moment and loving every second. But when bottom falls out on his hoops career, Tony's playing field shifts from the hard wood of the basketball court to the soft, supple curves of the opposite sex. His relationships with women last as long as a Popsicle in the summer sun, and they're just as sticky. With each ensuing predicament, Tony's faced with more questions than satisfaction, and as the story unfolds, we find that Tony, and what he wants, is much more complex than his player image would lead us to believe.
Tony's amorous adventures play out against the free-flowing backdrop of college and his friendships with his boys-from Derrick, a football star who's figured out the whole relationship thing and doesn't understand why Tony hasn't, to Kwam, the loud-mouthed life of every party.
Tony's musings will have you laughing as author Brian Peterson takes you on an inner tour of a young man's mind in this fun debut novel by an exciting new voice in black male fiction. It's the next best thing to being in there.

From the Hardcover edition.



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"Since I had not heard of Brian Peterson's work, I opened this book with a completely open mind. In hindsight I wish I had not, because the book held me captive until four a.m. Have you ever read a book so good that you wanted to slow down as you got to the end because you knew you would miss it? Have you ever laughed out loud and then thought, "Whoa, that was deep"? Lastly, have you ever read a book and wondered what happened to the characters, because they felt like friends? Well, welcome to the novel Move Over, Girl. Brian is an author with poetic flow to his words, yet he is able to entertain with his prose. He will definitely be one to watch for years to come."
-Timmothy McCann, author of Until

"Move Over, Girl represents the male mind at its purest.
The honesty of the book was exhilarating and speaks forthright about the contemporary collegiate generation. I look forward to reading Brian Peterson's future work. I'm moving over and welcoming in this new, refreshing author, because his voice reads like that of no other."
-Camika Spencer, author of When All Hell Breaks Loose

From the Hardcover edition.