The Fabric of Night

Publisher: Anchor
By one of the most promising novelists in Germany today, The Fabric of Night is a frightening, profound reflection on the nature of illusion and reality.Albin Kranz is a sculptor, haunted by hallucinations and by painful memories of his childhood. At her wit’s end, Livia, a photographer with whom he has lived for five years, suggests that they go to Istanbul to give there love one last chance. There, he witnesses a murder. But like one of Hitchcock’s desperately misunderstood characters, Albin can’t persuade anyone of what he saw, nor find any proof. His quest for truth takes him into the slums of the city and deep into the mysterious, exotic Eastern culture few Western visitors ever penetrate. The Fabric of Night is a psychological drama, a nightmare, and a double tale of disintegrating love.



“Take care of you, baby.”

I wonder how Albin came up with this ridiculous expression. It seems highly unlikely that he could have actually heard it. Maybe if there had been a very strong offshore wind, but not otherwise. Under ordinary circumstances, if you're here, you can't hear...
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"Absorbing and strangely satisfying. . . . The Fabric of Night breaks rules and gets away with it. It looks like a thriller, acts like a character study and leaves the reader pondering." —The Washington Post Book World“Brilliant. . . . A tour de force of anguish and release, as beautiful as it is horrifying.” —Minneapolis Star-Tribune“Writing about madness isn’t easy, and Peters captures the feeling with a disquieting intensity.” —The Miami Herald“Christoph Peters decants questions about the nature of image, truth and art. . . . [The Fabric of Night asks:] Do we ever truly get outside of ourselves?" —San Francisco Chronicle