Novel About My Wife

Publisher: Anchor Canada
From one of Britain’s most exciting young writers comes the story of a couple’s emotional and complicated relationship … from the husband’s perspective. Novel About My Wife is narrated by Tom Stone as he searches through the mysteries his wife has left him with. The reader is left to discover what dark thing has come between him and his beloved partner.

Tom Stone is, as well as being cheerfully neurotic, madly in love with his wife Ann, an Australian in self-imposed exile in London. Pushing forty and newly pregnant, they buy their first house in Hackney. It seems they are moving into a settled future, despite spiralling money troubles. But Ann is dogged by a local homeless man whose constant presence comes to feel like a terrible omen. As her pregnancy progresses Ann finds solace in her new friendship with Kate, a woman Tom is both repelled by and peculiarly drawn to. Their home is beset with vermin, smells and strange noises. Is this normal for London, or is the measure of normality in this city actually mad?

Novel About My Wife is Tom’s effort to understand this woman he has been so blindly in love with, and to peel back the past to see where the real threats in their lives were hiding. It is an investigation of guilt, love, forgiveness, and the perils of forgetting.

She wasn’t one of those women who hate their feet, who hate their bodies, the kind who turn the sight of their ass in broad daylight into a state secret. (God, you just find yourself dying for a glimpse, you’ll do anything to get it, hover outside the bathroom door, hide under a table, pull back the sheets when she’s sleeping. Then because of all the mystery you end up, when you’re finally feasting your eyes, thinking, ‘hey, maybe she has got something to worry about.’) Ann didn’t care. Her body was open for viewing. It was one of the ways she distracted you from what was inside her head.
--from Novel About My Wife

From the Hardcover edition.


If I could build her again using words, I would: starting at her long, painted feet and working up, shading in every cell and gap and space for breath until her pulse just couldn’t help but kick back in to life. Her hip bones, her red knuckles, the soft skin of her thighs, her fine crackle of hair. (That long red...
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“A book you absolutely can’t put down. . . . Perkins’s writing is so smart that she keeps us in total thrall to the Tom-and-Ann show.”
Toronto Star

“Complex and original. . . . Perkins blends the suspense and the black comedy perfectly, creating a true page-turner jammed between correspondingly exquisite first and final sentences.”
The Independent (UK)

“Perkins’ dark-hearted novel is a love story, and a suspenseful thriller.”
Vancouver Sun

“In Tom Stone, Perkins creates a character who is at once sympathetic and exasperating. . . . Spectacular. . . . A terrific read.”
New Zealand Herald

“A frightening tale of delusion. . . . The pace is fast and inexorable. . . . Perkins draws out the emotional tension and the thematic parallels while keeping the action tight and gripping.”
The Times (UK)

From the Hardcover edition.