The Francis Tucket Books

Tucket’s Gold

Publisher: Yearling
Gary Paulsen's popular Western saga continues in the fourth novel about Francis Tucket.

Things look grim for Francis and his adopted family, Lottie and Billy. Without horses, water, or food, they're alone in a prairie wasteland, with the dreaded Comanchero outlaws in pursuit. Death can strike at any moment -- but so can good fortune. When they stumble upon an ancient treasure, it takes teamwork, courage, and wit to hold on to it. By sticking together, Francis and his family wind up rich beyond their wildest dreams, and ready to head west to find Francis's parents on the Oregon Trail.


If there was one thing Francis Tucket knew with certainty it was that death, brutal death, was close to taking them.

Dawn was coming and here he was, a fifteen-year-old boy in charge of two children, walking across a sunbeaten, airless plain that seemed to be endless. Francis, Lottie and Billy had no food or water...
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"The invigorating story is just right for readers who like their action at a gallop." -- Kirkus Reviews

Praise for the Tucket Adventures series:
"Many readers will love these books for their exciting, nonstop action." -- School Library Journal