Earth to Betsy

Publisher: WaterBrook
Can you have your (wedding) cake and eat it, too?

Betsy Blessing is about to have it all–the chance to be senior minister of Church of the Shepherd and a long-awaited first date with her best-friend-turned-love-interest, David Swenson. But David’s unexpected marriage proposal and a developer’s surprise offer to buy the dying downtown church building thrust Betsy into a whirlwind of decisions. Betsy’s future mother-in-law, editor of Budget Bride magazine, plans to feature the nuptials in an upcoming issue, but is Betsy ready to buy her wedding gown at Goodwill and register for china at Chips-n-Dings? And not everyone at Church of the Shepherd thinks relocating to the suburbs is a great idea. Can Betsy persuade the naysayers that she can lead them to the Promised Land?

Factor in a homeless man named Booger, a demanding parishioner with a broken hip, and David’s clandestine meetings with his former fiancée, and Betsy has more than she can handle. Is happily ever after out of reach for the fabulous Reverend Blessing?


Rule for Women Ministers No. 1: don’t take the Lord’s name in vain on church premises—especially on the Monday morning after Easter. I push sweaty clumps of hair from my forehead, draw a deep breath to prevent any wayward oaths from escaping my lips, and tug at my nonexistent waistband. Note to...
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Praise for Earth to Betsy

“I love Betsy! She’s funny, flawed, and refreshingly real. In Earth to Betsy I lost track of how many times I laughed out loud as Betsy juggles an impending church move, a mostly absent fiancé, and a steamroller mother-in-law who hijacks her wedding plans into a tacky, low-rent debacle. Two thumbs up!”
–Laura Jensen Walker, author of Dreaming in Technicolor and Reconstructing Natalie

“Betsy’s back! With the same irreverent, self-deprecating humor. Entirely real, entirely honest, and completely endearing. Backed by a choir of secondary characters you probably sit next to at church on Sunday. She shows us that you can’t go far wrong when your heart’s in the right place and you know who you believe in.”
–Siri L. Mitchell, author of Kissing Adrien

Earth to Betsy is a delightful, fun read that kept me on the edge of my seat, or in this case, pew.  Betsy touches a part of each one of us–she is so real, so fun, and so willing to go the extra mile for God and the woman who just might end up being her mother-in-law.  Both witty and charming, Beth Pattillo is destined to gain a loyal and faithful audience.”
–Debbie Macomber, author of Susannah’s Garden

“The Reverend Betsy Blessing is back! A unique blend of whacky chick-lit and inspirational fiction, Earth to Betsy bubbles with wit, but is also a thoughtful, moving study of Betsy’s growth as a woman, and as a minister of God. Irresistible!”
–Mary Jo Putney, author of The Marriage Spell

“All I can say is ‘Thank Heavens for Betsy.’ This refreshing and honest character filled my heart and mind from page one of the first book and left me anticipating book two. Earth to Betsy breezed in like early Spring leaving a smile on my face and a feeling of fresh hope. Beth Patillo is a magnificent story-teller with a pleasant voice and a character I won't soon forget.”
–Tracey Bateman, author Leave it to Claire and Claire Knows Best, ACFW President