The Castle on Deadman’s Island

Publisher: Tundra Books
A death, a curse, a ghost, nasty people . . . an excellent new mystery!

Intrigue. An eccentric millionaire. A woman’s disappearance. A child’s skeleton. A ghost. A towering castle. A secret tunnel. All of these and more make up this compelling new mystery novel by award-winning author Curtis Parkinson.

When the owner of the castle on Deadman’s Island dies, his bizarre will leaves it to three of his friends who hate each other. Dark schemes follow, and the curse of the castle, entrenched forever in local lore, strikes again.

Neil, Graham, and Crescent, the main characters from Death in Kingsport, become involved when Graham’s Aunt Henrietta, who is bequeathed one-third ownership of the castle, mysteriously disappears.

Has she gone on a trip, as some insist, or is there more to the story? Graham, with a sense of foreboding and the help of his friends, is determined to find out before it’s too late.


Praise for Death in Kingsport:
“. . . a fast-paced murder mystery chock full of historical fact . . .”
The Kingston Whig-Standard

Praise for Domenic’s War:
“[The protagonist’s] stories of strength, resourcefulness, and survival are deftly placed within the context of the Monte Cassino campaign and will give readers a poignant look at the ways in which the war affected average citizens.” — School Library Journal

“. . . a heartwarming, uplifting . . . fine book . . . this action-packed narrative of that memorable and bloody battle is also a story of selfless generosity, friendship, and heroism.” — VOYA