An Oral Biography of Buster Casey

Publisher: Anchor Canada
The provocative and mind-bending new novel from the bestselling author of Fight Club and Haunted.

Rant takes the form of a (fictional) oral history of Buster “Rant” Casey, in which an assortment of friends, enemies, admirers, detractors, and relations have their say on this evil character, who may or may not be the most efficient serial killer of our time.

Buster Casey was every small kid born in a small town, searching for real thrills in a world of video games and action/adventure movies. The high school rebel who always wins – and a childhood murderer? – Rant Casey escapes from his hometown of Middleton into the big city and becomes the leader of an urban demolition derby called Party Crashing, where, on designated nights, the participants recognize each other by dressing their cars with tin-can tails, “Just Married” toothpaste graffiti, and other refuse, then look for special markings in order to stalk and crash into each other. It’s in this violent, late-night hunting game that Casey makes three friends. And after his spectacular death, these friends gather the testimony needed to build an oral history of his short life. Their collected anecdotes explore the charges that his saliva infected hundreds and caused a silent, urban plague of rabies . . .

Expect hilarity and horror, and blazing insight into the desperate and surreal contemporary human condition as only Chuck Palahniuk can deliver it. He’s the postmillennial Jonathan Swift, the man to watch to learn what’s – uh-oh – coming next.

Excerpt from RANT:

Wallace Boyer (Car Salesman)
: Like most people, I didn’t meet and talk to Rant Casey until after he was dead. That’s how it works for most celebrities, after they croak their circle of close friends just explodes. A dead celebrity can’t walk down the street without meeting a million best buddies they never met in real life.

Dying was the best career move Jeff Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy ever made. . . .

The way Rant Casey used to say it: Folks build a reputation by attacking you while you’re alive–or praising you after you ain’t.

From the Hardcover edition.


1An Introduction

Wallace Boyer (Car Salesman):
Like most people, I didn’t meet and talk to Rant Casey until after he was dead. That’s how it works for most celebrities: After they croak, their circle of close friends just explodes. A dead celebrity can’t walk down the...
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“As silly and brilliant as the others.” –Russell Smith (from xyyz.ca)

“Ever since Fight Club . . . Chuck Palahniuk has enjoyed a reputation as a down-dirty, cultish kind of writer with his finger on the pulse.” –Telegraph

“Chuck Palahniuk puts out books the way The Beatles and The Stones used to release records — nearly every year, with precision and artistry.” –Metro Times

“Palahniuk’s world might be a freakshow, but it’s one that makes a disturbing amount of sense.” –Telegraph

“[Chuck Palahniuk]’s a writer of remarkable talent, willing to look unflinchingly at despairing lives and their often-warped quests for even momentary redemption. He’s a painfully deft chronicler of the meaningless job, the poisonous relationship, and of all the myriad damaging and deadening effects of so-called normal life.” –The Boston Globe

Rant is fast and true, savagely clearsighted and intelligent, a luxury to read, and so funny that your facial muscles soon tire.” –The Guardian

“Just as Fight Club pondered the price of everyone becoming supermen, Rant goes one further and wonders the price of us all becoming gods. It is a common thread in Palahniuk’s writing: the yearning for a ground zero of social parity versus our genetically programmed rebellion against hegemony.” –Time Out

Praise for Chuck Palahniuk

“What elevates Palahniuk’s best novels (e.g., Fight Club) above their shocking premises is his ability to find humanity in deeply grotesque characters.”
Publishers Weekly

“Palahniuk displays a Swiftian gift for satire, as well as a knack for crafting mesmerizing sentences.”
San Francisco Examiner

“To Palahniuk’s credit, there is something here to appall almost every sensibility. The author has a singular knack for coming up with inventive new ways to shock and degrade.”
The New York Post

From the Hardcover edition.