The 8 Essential Traits of Couples Who Thrive

Publisher: Dell
Formerly titled Now That I'm Married, Why Isn't Everything Perfect?, this wise and useful guide has gained extraordinary critical acclaim from the foremost experts in the relationship field, and has helped thousands of couples achieve more fulfilling relationships. Drawing on more than twenty years of couples' counseling experience, Dr. Susan Page explains the eight essential traits of a thriving marriage:

Desire, belief, and commitment
Clear values
Relationship-enhancing communication

This helpful, optimistic guide also reveals how husbands and wives can escape the crushing burden of unrealistic expectations that many people bring to a marriage, and what attitudes, techniques, and day-to-day pleasures will forge a happy, enduring relationship. With clarity, warmth and common sense to complement her profound insight, Susan Page delivers an extraordinary work for anyone who's in a relationship--and anyone who wants to be.