Dog Handling

Publisher: Ballantine Books
A hilarious and hip novel for every girl who’s been desperate to find a way into her dream-man’s heart–and discovered that love is more finicky than a Chihuahua in a Prada handbag.

Yesterday, Liv Elliot had it all: a great flat in London’s Notting Hill, an actual career (okay, as an accountant), and a fiancé with whom she was only weeks away from wedded bliss. Every girl’s dream, right? But then Tim declared that the wedding was off–leaving Liv shell-shocked. Luckily, she’s got her best friend’s fab Australian beach house in which to recuperate.

The restorative powers of the Sydney sun, sand, and sea soon have Liv feeling wonderfully careless, wanton, and reckless. Things really couldn’t get any more anti-accountant when she runs into old flame Ben Parker. It’s been years since they fooled around on their summer vacation, but Liv never forgot that genetically-blessed face. Raring to help her land beautiful Ben, Liv’s friends teach her the Rules of Dog Handling: Treat a man like a dog, and he’ll be eating out of your hand. But surely this can’t actually work? Liv is about to find out that it can–but she’s hardly prepared for the unexpected results.


Chapter One

Francesca Honeycomb, International Beauty, Philanthropist, and Academic, 1972-2060

Francesca Honeycomb [oh, come on, if you think that in my fantasy life I'd be noble enough to keep the name my parents gave me you've got me all wrong] lived a life without compromise. There were times she was so...
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“[A] red-hot read . . . sure to turn up the heat.”

“[A] SPUNKY HEROINE . . . Amid the comedy, though, the novel has a quietly confident, smart-girl sensibility. . . . Yip, yip, hooray!”

“Comically wicked . . . Reminiscent of Bridget Jones’s Diary.”
Publishers Weekly

“Highly creative and wildly entertaining.”
Romantic Times

From the Paperback edition.