60 People to Avoid at the Water Cooler

Publisher: Three Rivers Press

You're smarter than they are.
You're more efficient than they are.
You’re funnier than they are.
But they have you outnumbered.


The Alpha Chimp
The Brown Noser
The Cheapskate
The Chitchat Artist
The Condescending IT Guy
The Dinosaur
The Floozy
The Gossip
The Hall Monitor
The Micromanager
The Nodder
The Office Girls
The Politico
The Potential Serial Killer
The Temp
The Water Cooler Casanova
The Yes Men

And everyone else in your office who makes you want to call in sick.



The Alpha Chimp

Well, well, well. Who's the fresh-faced, perky new hire with the shiny sports car? Perhaps it's the new Consultant or the junior executive with an MBA management has been so eager to find. He certainly seems confident, what with his brisk walk and mastery of the silent head nod greeting...
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