Points of View

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
His millions of fans will hear Rex's voice in every line of this wide-ranging selection

Rex Murphy left his outpost home in Newfoundland to go to university at the age of 15. Since that time (including a spell at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar) he has been writing and talking. His skills in that area have made him Canada’s most-watched TV commentator – with an opinion spot on CBC-TV’s “The National” – while his speeches have earned standing ovations from coast to coast. And, always, his audience wants to know “When will you put this in a book?”

The answer is “NOW.” Here, Rex has selected the best from thirty years of writing and speech-making – a variety that reveals the range of his mind. Here you’ll find tributes to people as apparently unlinked as Joey Smallwood and William Shakespeare; book reviews that turn into instructive essays about other places in other centuries; hard-hitting attacks on politicians and other malefactors that will have you cheering as you read; hilarious satires on human folly; and gentle memories of Newfoundland and its people.

You will close this book with a sense of a wide-ranging intelligence and fascinating mind at work.

From the Hardcover edition.


The Loonie

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