A Novel

Publisher: Broadway Books
Get set to meet the fearless, funny, and feisty girlfriends of FAB:

Bianca has left her job in fashion and her best friends in New York to pursue an offer in Los Angeles. While the West Coast attitude and weather suit her fine, the men she meets and the salary cut she takes put living the good life way out of reach.

Carolyn, whose fabulous career in advertising is built on selling the idealized female body, is obsessed with her own failure to fit the image. Certain that no man will love her as long as she isn’t model-thin, she comforts herself with designer shoes and Taco Bell binges.

Taylor is the high-powered, foul-mouthed chick that women love to hate. Her salary at a New York law firm provides for a lavish lifestyle—when she finds the time to have a life.

Roxanne is an actress with eight years of struggle under her belt. While suffering through countless demoralizing auditions for “fly girl #1,” she dreams of landing roles that will inspire the masses and pay the bills.




The Glamorous Life

Two weeks ago, somewhere between Tucson, Arizona, and the California border, I freaked the fuck out. I was on the I-10 West in my '93 Volkswagen Cabriolet, which was crammed full of my worldly possessions, when my decision to quit my job as a fashion publicist in...
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1. Which character do you identify with most? Why?

2. Which character has the most intriguing story? Who’s your favorite? Who absolutely gets on your last good nerve? Explain.

3. Of the four girls who would you most want to befriend? Who would be the best friend for you? The worst? How do you know?...

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FAB introduces you to four strong career women you will never forget, and celebrates the sisters who are doing it for themselves.”
—Crystal McCrary Anthony, coauthor of Gotham Diaries