The Statement

Publisher: Vintage Canada
An innocuous white Peugeot makes its way around the monasteries of Southern France.  No one would suspect its driver of being the target of commando hit-men and the gendarmerie's most wanted criminal sentenced twice to death in absentia for wartime crimes.  For over forty years this fugitive has been sheltered by both the Catholic Church and the French Government.  Now the net is closing in...

From the Hardcover edition.


"Masterful... In some ways it is more frightening than a Stephen King novel, because the monsters are not other-worldly... This book goes straight to the bone, punching a hole in the fleshy armor of old politicians and misguided priests and our sentimental faith in justice." -- Vancouver Sun

"Dazzling...Irresistable from the first page." -- The Globe and Mail

"A classic page-turner, fast-paced, riveting, full of terror, tension and a fine play of ideas." -- London Free Press

From the Hardcover edition.