Black Robe

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
Black Robe, an account of the 17th-century encounter between the Huron and Iroquois the French called "Les Sauvages" and the French Jesuit missionaries the native people called "Blackrobes," is Brian Moore's most striking book. No other novel has so well captured both the intense--and disastrous--strangeness of each culture to one another, and their equal strangeness to our own much later understanding.


Laforgue felt his body tremble. What can be keeping them? Has the Commandant refused? Why has he not sent for me? Is this God’s punishment for my lie about my hearing? But it wasn’t a lie; my intention was honorable. Or is that a sophistry? Am I now so mired in my ambition that I can no longer tell truth from...
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"Moore is at the height of his considerable powers as a narrator."
— Colm Tóibín

"A rousing, terrifying, breathtakingly paced adventure."
— People

"A remarkable tour de force....Compulsive reading."
— Sunday Telegraph