The Dwelling

Publisher: Seal Books
FOR SALE: Newly renovated single-family home. New hardwood floors, all appliances. Bathroom, 3+ bedrooms, unique decor, must be seen.. . .

362 Belisle Street is a homeowner’s dream. Recently renovated! Victorian detail! Good neighborhood! A steal at $95,900! Real estate agent Glenn Darnley wonders why this charming property keeps coming back on the market. Perhaps the clawed feet of the old bath-tub look a little too real. Or maybe it’s the faint hospital-like smell of the room at the end of the hall. Or the haunting music that seems to come from nowhere.. . .

Three families buy 362 Belisle, but no one stays there for long. For this dream house has a mind and a heart of its own. It’s waiting patiently for its dream owner.

Open the door to a spine-chilling novel of terror in which home is not where you live – it’s where you hope to get out alive.. . .

From the Paperback edition.


There was what looked to be a tombstone at the front of 362 Belisle, glaring morbidly in the gray morning light. A grim shrine to something passed over, Glenn hoped fervently that it wasn’t opportunity. The house at 362 was the only one with a hedge and a tombstone, in this case actually a four-foot concrete...
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“…downright terrifying.”

“Moloney is skilled at blending the expected with the original…The Dwelling shows a fine understanding of human nature…”
The Globe and Mail

“Moloney is very good at creating real people to inhabit her novels. You understand their motivations, their feelings, and want to call out warnings to them. Don’t do that! Don’t go in the attic!...if you like creepy, and enjoy that little frisson of horror on the back of your neck, read The Dwelling.”
Hamilton Spectator

“If you’re in the mood for something spooky, Susie Moloney’s The Dwelling is the perfect thing…Very moody, very atmospheric…maybe not the thing to read after dark.”
Chronicle-Herald (Halifax)

“Not recommended for pre-bedtime reading unless you have the ability to fall asleep after reading ghost stories. This book is so exciting in parts you will likely not be able to put it down until you have finished certain chapters.”
—Simone Joseph, The Era-Banner

“This is a great psychological thriller written in good taste with a suitably imaginative conclusion.”
Books in Canada

“A refreshingly original take on the traditional ghost story. I sat up all night to finish it -- and not just because I was afraid to turn out the lights.”
—Kelley Armstrong, author of Bitten and Stolen

"If the best measure of a horror story is how scary it is, Susie Moloney's new novel is a success. This book will scare the bejesus out of you...not via an excess of blood or violence, but by conveying a pervasive atmosphere of the macabre. The Dwelling, like most good horror stories, contains a large dollop of mystery...[and] stellar characters."
—Douglas J. Johnston, Winnipeg Free Press

Praise for Susie Moloney’s A Dry Spell:

“A fast-paced . . . blend of ghosts, curses, bad weather, oddball characters and romance. Moloney is a gifted storyteller, drawing her likeable, credible characters with bold strokes and subtle touches.”
The Globe and Mail

“A fine read . . . Like joyriding rural teenagers aching to get ‘airborne,’ we’re soon swept away by the breathless pace of Susie Moloney’s novel.”
The Toronto Star

“A rare piece of work . . . Reminiscent of early Stephen King . . . A story that is heartfelt and contains a touch of myth.”
Chicago Tribune

“Absorbing . . . Moloney intertwines powerful psychological, supernatural, and sexual undercurrents.”
Entertainment Weekly

From the Hardcover edition.