Blood Safari

Publisher: Vintage Canada
When the rich and famous visit South Africa, their first port of call is often Body Armor, the personal security company offering two types of protection: the big and intimidating muscle men called Gorillas or the lean and hungry former government body guards, referred to as Invisibles.

Lemmer is a freelance Invisible. The tiny and beautiful Emma le Roux, a brand consultant from Cape Town, wants to hire him. He needs the money, so he listens to her story. Lemmer’s First General Law is: Don’t get involved. But he has never failed as a body guard and he’s also grown a little too fond of Emma. He uncovers simmering racial and political tensions, greed, corruption, and a network of eco-terrorists. He follows the leads until he finds what he’s after: The people who attacked Emma. Getting to them will be extremely dangerous, and exposing them could have international political implications. If he fails, both he and Emma will end up dead. But Lemmer is sick and tired of being invisible. He goes after them, against all odds.

From the Hardcover edition.


Chapter 1

I swung the sledgehammer in a lazy rhythm. It was Tuesday, 25 December, just past noon. The wall was thick and stubbornly hard. After each dull thump, shards of brick and cement broke off and shot across the plank floor like shrapnel. I felt sweat tracking through the dust on my face and torso. It...
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Praise for Deon Meyer:
“Meyer’s extraordinary talents as a writer come from two points: he is masterful on plot … and he draws each character, whether pivotal or almost incidental, with the true craft of a powerful novelist. . . . Blood Safari will take you to unexpected places, make you ponder interesting questions and stand in awe at the cruelty that human beings inflict upon each other. . . . A read that should not be missed under any circumstances.” –Cape Times (South Africa)

“Un-put-downable.” –Cape Argus (South Africa)

“This translation of the novel Onsigbaar is tense, intelligent and convincing. The main character, Lemmer, is a charismatic freelance bodyguard and his chequered past puts a thrilling spin on the fast-paced drama. . . . [Meyer] knows how to tell a gripping story and his thorough research and lelievable characters make for a local crime thriller with a difference.” –YOU (South Africa)

“Deon’s books have been translated into English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Finnish, Czech, Romanian, Slovakian and Bulgarian. Whew!” –Cape Times (South Africa)

“Our best thriller writer. . . . We can all relate to Meyer’s characters. Outstanding.” –The Star (South Africa)

“Meyer’s secondary actors can be gems of charaterisation, sometimes stimulating the reader to give a delighted snort of recognition. . . . Meyer intrigues while he thrills. Him confident, sure touch just gets better. Highly recommended: If this is your first Meyer, you’ll find yourself rushing out to buy the earlier ones.” The Star (South Africa)

“Meyer is simply excellent. . . . Lemmer is too good a character to be a one-novel phenomenon.” –The Weekender (South Africa)

“A competently executed thriller. . . . Meyer cleverly brings in a major unsolved South African mystery and the problems of poaching and there are plenty of twists in the plotting to keep the reader hooked. . . . It all adds up to a pacy, well-plotted thriller.” –The Witness (South Africa)

“One of the sharpest and most perceptive thriller writers around.” — The Times (London)

“Tough in-your-face crime writing that spares nothing in language, visceral sense of blood and mayhem . . . and never waivers from the compelling pace of the story. It also has a mean line in humour that comes through in the snappy dialogue.” — The Sunday Independent

“Out of post-apartheid South Africa comes a thriller good enough to nip at the heels of le Carré . . . Wonderful setting; rich and colourful cast.” — Starred Review, Kirkus

From the Hardcover edition.